Everywhere you look throughout Sacramento Local 118’s jurisdiction, there’s an amazing amount of construction. And many of the Local’s long-serving members are retiring soon. So the bottom line here is that the Local needs experienced people AND apprentices!

The general resurgence of the California and Nevada economies, and the health of the high-tech and mining sectors has combined to provide the 1,200 members of Local 118 with steady demand from employers for the foreseeable future…as long as 10 years.

Here are a few examples of what’s happening, or about to happen:

Sacramento area:

  • New Kings basketball arena; several associated hotels
  • Several large residential towers up to 51 storeys
  • Lots of downtown core growth

Reno, NV area:

  • $5 Billion Tesla plant has just begun the 2-year job of erecting iron. The plant will cover 11 million square feet.
  • Several plants being built by large Tesla suppliers like Panasonic. $20+ Billion worth of additional buildings are planned.
  • The Nevada mining industry has surged recently, providing good opportunity for ironworkers.
  • Apple is building a 600,000 square foot cloud data storage center that will grow over time to around 2 million square feet.

If you’re an apprentice who wants a future in ironwork, or an experienced structural or reinforcing ironworker, please tell us you're interested!

We also welcome applications from ironworkers who are not currently represented by a union.

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