Members of the San Antonio Local work mostly on significant high rise steelwork projects in the commercial industry. We also do some miscellaneous work, and some heavy rigging.

Our employers are contracted for construction, expansion and maintenance projects at many of the large plants in the San Antonio and Corpus Christie areas. These worksites include a Toyota plant, pipe mills, Navy and Air Force Bases.

We expect our 290 members will be quite busy staring this summer, especially if a recovering oil price speeds up the industry around Corpus Christie. We’re looking forward to participating in a massive 7-year construction project involving 10 buildings for Microsoft.

At this time, we can use individuals with welding certification(s), with OSHA 30, Subpart R, qualified rigging and crane signal certifications.  Later on, we will likely need more people, so make sure we know how to contact you when our employers need people with your skills and experience.

We are well paid, and members and their families are protected by a good health & welfare plan, a defined benefit plan and a long term annuity saving plan (all of which are employer-paid).

We welcome men and women ironworkers who are not currently represented by a union.

Come work with the best!

Please tell us you're interested!

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