Washington DC’s 1,000 Local 5 structural ironwork members work for employers who do a lot of glass finish, structural and miscellaneous ironwork.

Our 400 rodbusters work mainly on power plants, lots of commercial developments, infrastructure projects and federal government construction projects.

Our high-rise construction work within Washington is restricted to 12 stories, but we’re working on much taller projects further out from the city center, such as 50-storey and 35-storey buildings.

We’re busy, and we’re supplemented by boomers. We take new members in regularly. We are confident that we’ll be busy for quite a while.

Members are protected by a strong health & welfare plan, and by both a defined benefit pension plan and an annuity plan. The health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans are 100% employer-paid.

We always work safe!

Make sure we can reach you when we need more people with your skills and experience to satisfy the needs of our employers. Apply now so we can call when we need you.

Please apply now so we can call you when we need more members to satisfy employer demand for people with your skills and experience.

We welcome applications from men and women ironworkers who are currently not working with a union company.

Come work with the best!

Please tell us you're interested!

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