We have an immediate demand from our employers for ironworkers with experience in structural steel, pre-engineered metal buildings, precast concrete erection, reinforcing steel and welding.

The concentration of heavy industry, mining and petrochemicals along the Mississippi River means the members of the Burlington Local have been extremely busy, and we expect that we'll remain that way for a long time.

Local officials believe there will be very high demand for the skills of our members well into the forseeable future as our contractors continue to do reinforcing, maintenance, structural erection and machinery moving at petrochemical plants, different kinds of mining and mining product processing plants, corn and other agricultural processing facilities as well as at large manufacturing plants like those of John Deere and Case.

On the books for the future are a continuing series of transportation infrastructure projects, a couple of foundries, a CO2 plant, an addition to a fertilizer plant and a $3 Billion fertilizer plant. Amongst our employers’ clients are several powerhouses, three slaughterhouses and commercial and metal building contractors.

We’re paid well, and our employer-paid health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans are strong. And we always work safe!

Our apprentice training is scheduled every other Saturday between September and May.

We welcome applications from non-union men and women ironworkers and apprentices.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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