New Jersey’s Economic Opportunities Program, which uses tax incentives to drive investment in Camden, has created a building boom that should last at least into 2021, and possibly beyond that if the economy holds.

The 640-member Camden ironworkers local is extremely busy. We’re working on $2 Billion worth of projects in the city of Camden, including Subaru’s world headquarters, Eastern Recycling’s HQ and a very large nuclear product manufacturing plant.

Investors plan to spend $1 Billion on projects on our waterfront alone, and the Delaware Port Authority is continuing a huge program to rehabilitate and/or re-deck its four major (1.5 to 2.5 miles long) bridges.

Within our jurisdiction, there are many schools, colleges and universities that generate significant new construction and/or expansion projects. We also work at a nuclear power facility and other powerhouses. And there are plenty of hospital jobs as well.

Please Note: We only accept new members who live in our jurisdiction, or who plan to move into our area.

Our members are very well paid. Our health and welfare and defined benefit pension plans are employer-paid. And we always work safe!

We welcome applications from men and women ironworkers who are working for non-union employers. Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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