Virtually all of our members who want to work, are working. And we’re looking at five to 10 years of continued strong employer demand for our members’ skills.

The action includes lots of infrastructure, heavy industrial and commercial work, on projects that involve high rises, a VW plant that’s doubling in size, a near-future $700 million expansion of the Arnold Engineering Air Force Base and continuing maintenance and construction work on two nuclear facilities. One nuclear project alone – a generator replacement – will require 100 ironworkers!

We also believe there will be some very large infrastructure projects, possibly including a Light Rail Transit line and/or a mag-lev installation, in our future workload.

Our training school offers Journeyman upgrading courses in everything from welding to becoming a superintendent. The school trains 60+ apprentices two evenings a week, year-round.

Our pay level is good, and we enjoy a strong health & welfare plan as well as a defined benefit pension plan, both of which are fully employer-paid.

And we always work safe!

Our Local welcomes applications from men and women ironworkers who are not currently represented by a union.

Come work with the best!

Please tell us you're interested!

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