Despite the fact that not too many tall towers are built in Albuquerque, our 280-member Local has been working steadily on a wide variety of projects.

We involved in lots of school projects, and on shutdown/maintenance projects at two powerhouses. We are currently prepping for a powerhouse demolition job (in which we have the ironwork demo portion because of the structure’s age) and its replacement natural gas generation facilities.

We are also regularly involved on construction/maintenance and/or expansion projects at large Intel and Hewlett-Packard facilities, as well as a huge movie industry production studio where we perform lots of rigging.

Our members are well-paid, and we’re covered by good health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans, both employer-paid.

We always work safe!

Our formal apprentice training program is delivered in 4 one-week blocks, each at the beginning of a quarter.

Pay levels are good, and we’re protected by good health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans, both of which are employer-paid.

We welcome applications from men and women ironworkers who are not currently represented by a union.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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