The 900 active members of Cleveland’s Local 17 work on a mixture of projects, approximately 45% reinforcing, 35% structural and the balance curtain wall and other sub-specialties.

The local does lots of heavy industrial maintenance, reinforcing and structural work for high rises, hotels, office buildings, sewer & water plants, as well as roads and bridges. About 75% of our work is construction, and 25% is maintenance.

Depending on the health of the economy, employer demand is expected to gradually pick up.

The Local is working on the Inner Belt Bridge project; we’ve recently finished a 30-storey hotel and a 25-storey office building. Cleveland Clinic Hospital, which undergoes almost constant expansion, is building a $100 million cancer centre.

Members enjoy the peace of mind that comes with 100% employer-paid health & welfare and defined pension plans.

We welcome experienced and apprentice applicants who are not currently represented by a union.

Come work with the best!

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