Things are hopping at Fresno Local 155, which represents 500 active members whose work is a cross-section of structural/reinforcing on a long list of types of projects.

In addition to many school, prison, institutional, public sector and nuclear plant maintenance jobs, Local 155’s members have recently been very busy building solar panel racks for thousands of acres of solar parks.

The combination of government subsidy programs and California’s commitment to increased environmental sustainability promises lots more work for both journeymen and apprentices on these solar jobs.

Future demand looks pretty good for this and other Locals, especially if the California High Speed Rail project continues moving forward. There’ll be 20 years of infrastructure work on this project, with all its under/overpasses, bridges and roadway realignments.

Fresno Local 155 welcomes apprentices to its training facility, and non-union ironworkers to its membership. Please tell us you’re interested!

The jurisdiction includes Bakersfield, Merced, and San Luis Obispo, as well as a large portion of Central Nevada, including Hawthorne and Tonopah.

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