Our Galveston local is an exception to the norm, because almost all of our work involves building cranes and doing the rigging in many of the major chemical and oil & gas processing plants in the Gulf Coast area.

Our work is cyclical. When there are turnarounds, we’re all employed and we’ll often bring in as many as 50 travellers to help us handle employer demand. In between turnarounds, the demand drops off somewhat.

We operate a joint apprentice training program with our Houston Local, however because of the nature of the rigging business, our employers have few calls for apprentices. Our successful trainees are free, however, to travel to other areas where more apprentices are in demand.

Our pay levels are among the industry’s best, and we have strong health & welfare and defined benefit plans, both fully employer-paid.

We always work safe!

If you’re a man or woman ironworker or apprentice working for a non-union employer, you’re welcome to apply for membership. Apply now so when our employers need more skilled workers than we have in our current membership, we know how to contact you.

Come work with the best!

Please tell us you're interested!

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