We’re busy right now with a range of work for employers whose clients include a nuclear power plant, coal/gas powerhouses, maintenance projects at large manufacturing and processing facilities (like Kellogg’s and Harley Davidson), steel mills and a paper mill.

Our future is likely to include a lot of significant bridgework and the construction of more powerhouses, so we expect to be busy well into 2018 and beyond!

Our members receive a healthy total wage package, and we’re protected by strong, employer-paid health & welfare and defined benefit & pension plans.

We always work safe!

We provide a 3-year Apprenticeship Program with high-quality instructors.  For Apprentices, no prior experience is needed and you learn the trade while earning a living!

Men and women who are not currently working for a union employer are welcome to apply.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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