While Hartford doesn't have a high-rise downtown centre, there’s plenty of ironwork action in our Local’s jurisdiction…enough that we’re busy and we expect to remain busy into the near future.

Our members do plenty of structural and reinforcing on major infrastructure projects.

We do heavy rigging twice a year at a 3-unit nuclear power facility, and we expect to begin work soon on a rebar-heavy job building storage casks for spent nuclear fuel rods. We also expect to be involved in a multi-year, $4 Billion expansion of a submarine manufacturer. And there is always some kind of university construction or expansion project underway.

Our apprentice training school operates two evenings a week from September to May, supplemented with hand-on training on the occasional Saturday.

Our members get paid very well, and we enjoy the protection of strong health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans, both of which are employer-paid.

Apply now so we now how to contact you when our employers need more people that we can supply. Applications from non-union men and women ironworkers and apprentices are welcome.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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