Almost any project that involves rebar is where you’ll find the 2,600 members of reinforcing-only Local 416.

This Local, which serves Metro LA and surrounding counties, as well as portions of Southern Nevada including Las Vegas, works on all kinds of rebar projects, including:

  • transportation-related infrastructure
  • high rise offices
  • hotels
  • low and high rise residential buildings
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • military installations
  • water treatment plants
  • solar power plants
  • fossil fuel power plants
  • wind power plants
  • warehouses
  • mixed use buildings
  • shopping centers
  • amusement parks and rides
  • airports
  • city halls
  • civic centers
  • universities
  • jails & prisons
  • piers
  • heavy industrial plants

Rebar work in LA runs in weather cycles, slowing down a little during the winter rainy season, and then picking up in the spring. Even during slower periods, most of our members find work when they want it.

If you have no experience, don’t be disappointed!

We also welcome apprentice applications for people interested in our craft that have no experience. Apprenticeship applicants will need to be patient, as our apprenticeship training program is full for the time being. You are free to check out our website and see if you want to apply.

We also welcome applications from people working in the trade who are not currently represented by unions.

Come work with the best!

Tell us you're interested!

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