There’s plenty of good work for union ironworkers in the 35,000 square mile Atlanta region.

Our 650 members work on a huge variety of projects, the majority of which are commercial office, condo and hotel buildings. We do lots of stairs, glass, elevator and miscellaneous work as well. Our projects include an NFL stadium and a Major League Baseball stadium.

All of our members, and 100 travellers, are working, and we expect that kind of activity to maintain for some years to come. Many businesses (like Porsche North America and Mercedes) are moving to the city. Commercial construction is projected to continue well into 2022, and our airport has a $8 billion expansion plan through to 2030.

We offer our 100 apprentice trainees several formal training options. They can attend evening classes twice a week for eight months each year. If they work some distance away from Atlanta, they can attend fewer actual classroom sessions and do more homework. And eager, capable apprentices can accelerate their training, attending even fewer classes, but doing intensive homework assignments.

Our pay levels compare with the best in the industry, and we offer members strong employer-paid health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans.

Men and women ironworkers and apprentices who are not now working for a union employer are welcome to apply. Make sure we can contact you when our employers need more skilled people than our current membership can supply.

Come work with the best!

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