Chartered in 1923, Iron Workers Local 383 represents over 550 members in 29 counties in the State of Wisconsin and includes Journeypersons, Apprentices, Probationary, Honorary and Lifetime members. We strive to meet or exceed the needs of our signatory contractors by providing a trained and highly skilled workforce. We accomplish our goal through an apprenticeship program, journeyman upgrade training and organizing.

We are a mixed Local; our members are trained to perform all aspects of the trade, including:

Structural:  erect structural steel buildings, bridges, viaducts, cranes, roof decking and sheeting. We also erect all pre-stressed and post-stressed concrete members relating to the above type construction. Our members also erect, set and weld pre-cast. Ornamental:  install metal stairways, catwalks, floor gratings, iron ladders (such as those used extensively in powerhouses and chemical plants), metal window sash and doors, railings and gates. Reinforcing (Rods):  set steel bars in concrete forms to reinforce concrete structures. The bars are placed in the concrete form according to blueprints, specifications or verbal instructions. Machinery Mover & Rigger:  we are engaged in the unloading, moving and erection of machinery on construction jobs, repair work and wherever machinery is moved in and out of plants or buildings.

Local 383 is fortunate to have ample work in our jurisdiction and all members employed at this time. Future work is plentiful and the outlook for full employment to continue is good.

Our members enjoy a great wage and benefit package that includes health care, pension, annuity and reimbursed training and certifications. Safety and efficiency is our utmost concern and our members are trained to work safe.

If you’re a non-union man or woman ironworker, please inquire about what Local 383 has to offer. We welcome your application.

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