Things are humming in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Northern Peninsula, so Local 8’s 900 members are busy, and expecting to remain busy for quite some time.

The Local’s employers are involved in an almost-total range of structural and reinforcing ironwork, largely a result of the fact that we have virtually all of the market share in both areas.

Our jurisdiction contains major metropolitan centres, powerhouses, paper mills, copper and iron mines, large food processing plants and data facilities, as well as farm equipment, military vehicle and other significant manufacturing plants. All of these owners require everything from structural, ornamental and other types of ironwork, to heavy rigging and machinery movement.

Currently (late Spring, 2018) we're working on the tail end of some major projects like huge stadiums and a major bridge. We've also lined up work on a series of between seven and 10 high rises, so our work continues!

We operate three training schools within our jurisdiction, and they offer a variety of evening and block training classes.

We have three pay levels, depending on which area of our jurisdiction our employers are working in, but all provide the basis for a solid living. We and our families enjoy the protection of good health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans, both of which are employer-paid.

We always work safe!

Applications from non-union men and women ironworkers and apprentices are welcome.

Come work with the best!

If you'd like to apply directly for our apprenticeship training program, please apply at: www.iwl8.org/apprenticeship On that page, you'll find a list of Minimum Requirments, and a button to connect you with an online application process.

If you have some experience, and you want to join our Local, Please say you’re interested!

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