The New Haven ironworkers local is lucky to have a wide variety of construction, expansion and maintenance work going on in its jurisdiction.

Our work includes structural and rebar work on bridges and other infrastructure, high rises, hospitals, schools and other public buildings, universities, power plants, transportation maintenance facilities and train depots and stations.

While the Local’s employer demand was moderate into the summer of 2016, there were several projects about to begin, and when they do, we’ll be going flat out to supply our employers with the skills they need.

Make sure that when we are going great guns, we know how to reach you. Apply now.

Our apprentice training program involves formal training two evenings a week over a four-year period.

We are paid well, and we and our families enjoy the security that comes with strong health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans that are both employer-paid.

Applications from non-union men and women ironworkers and apprentices are welcome.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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