We’re so busy (in summer 2016) that every one of our members is working and we’re supplemented by about 100 boomers. Our management expects us to be this busy well into 2021, if not longer.

The Hudson Valley region is experiencing a construction boom basically related to high costs in New York City causing business to locate elsewhere.

That means growth, and growth means lots of varied ironwork projects, from plenty of infrastructure to schools, colleges, hospitals, warehouses, casinos and office complexes. We also work regularly at powerhouses, manufacturing facilities, the airport and its adjoining military base.

Our members are very well paid, and protected by strong, employer-paid health and welfare and defined benefit pension plans. We always work safe!

PLEASE NOTE:  We take apprentice applications only at our offices, 583 NY-32, Wallkill, NY, 12589. Our apprentices must live in our jurisdiction.

If you are a non-union man or woman ironworker, your application is welcome!

Please say you’re interested!

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