The work of Niagra Falls ironworkers is focused primarily on the area’s large and diverse industrial base.

Our employers do plenty of construction, expansion, maintenance and rigging for large chemical plants (like Olin, DuPont, Occidental and Goodyear), and other major facilities like two powerhouses, a large military base, a General Motors plant, a paper mill, a Yahoo data centre and others.

We’re emerging from a somewhat slower period of employer demand, and as of mid-year 2016, things look like they’ll return to a steady demand that should keep virtually all of our members busy. Our employers are bidding on or planning to begin many new projects.

We receive good pay, and we have strong, employer-paid health & Welfare and defined benefit pension plans.

We always work safe!

If you’re a non-union man or woman ironworker or apprentices, we welcome your apprenticeship.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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