The statement, 'We don’t go to the office, we build it' rings true with Iron Workers Local Union No. 3. For over 100 years, the men and women of Local 3, in conjunction with its signatory contractors, have proudly completed thousands of projects on time and on budget throughout Western Pennsylvania including State College and Erie. Iron workers are known for their superior training and attention to safety, quality, and service which enables them, along with their signatory contractors and partners, to deliver superior results.

The apprenticeship program, offered jointly by Local 3 and its contractors, helps stimulate and assist with the skill development of new members. Our three-year training program is conducted at our apprenticeship facility located in the Strip District of Pittsburgh. Training is year round as you work for one of our contractors. At seven different times throughout the year, you will be required to attend our training facility for one week at a time. Each training week is set up to follow the same time schedule as a typical work week, combining classroom instruction with indoor and outdoor hands-on training that will simulate the same conditions that you will encounter on the job site. It is a true 'earn while you learn' opportunity.

While work may be down slightly at the moment, the five year forecast continues to look promising for the industry as a whole. Iron workers will be needed on various projects ranging from bridges and skyscrapers to industrial plants and schools. With that said, our Local continues to look for applicants who are ready for a career (not just a job) that can provide good pay, great benefits, career advancement opportunities, and give you the ability to actually see the work you’ve accomplished.

Why should the sky be the limit? Climb higher with Iron Workers Local Union No. 3. Apply Today!

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