Our Local is riding the crest of a roaring comeback in the region’s economy after several slow years. We expect our members to be very busy for as long as the next 10 years!

Our employers are involved in a wide variety of all kinds of structural and reinforcing ironwork, from high-rise towers and big infrastructure to projects at a submarine manufacturing plant, several manufacturing facilities and pharmaceutical companies, airports, sewage and water treatment plants, tunnels and several powerhouses.

We do lots of metal buildings, and we work on expansion projects at the first US offshore wind turbine farm.

In our future, there are large new powerhouse, casino, hotel and several bridge projects on the way.

We are paid very well, and our employer-paid health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans provide our families the security they need.

We always work safe!

We welcome applications from non-union men and women ironworkers and apprentices.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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