Ours is a mixed structural/reinforcing Local, with a list of employers that are involved in a wide range of ironwork, including bridge and roadway infrastructure rehab, multi-storey buildings, warehouses, as well as power houses, nuclear and gas plant maintenance and turnarounds.

We are busy, and we feel good about employer demand for our skills over the next several years.

There’s work coming on a new water treatment facility, a new powerhouse that will require up to 200 ironworkers, and a 1.6 million square foot distribution centre that will require about 100 ironworkers for well over a year.

Our members are paid well and protected by employer-paid health & welfare and defined benefit pension plans.

We always work safe!

If you’re a non-union man or woman ironworker or apprentice, you’re welcome to apply.

Come work with the best!

Please say you’re interested!

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