1. Safety – Nothing is more important to us, and to our employers, than your right to work safely. People who come to the union from non-union employers are always amazed that we really walk the talk about safety. No short-cuts here!
  2. Strength in numbers – In the union, you’re not alone. We make sure you’re treated with respect, that you’re paid exactly what you’re owed, and that any problems you may have with your employer are worked out fairly with our help.
  3. No on-the-job competition – Union members work as a team. We’re fair to one another. You won’t have to compete with your fellow workers for a supervisor’s favor.
  4. Top pay, benefits, pension – We’re paid really well, and our 100% employer-paid benefit and pension plans mean you and your family can live worry-free.
  5. Training – You won’t find another union that believes more in training its members to be on the leading edge of their trade. That’s why we operate 150 training centres across North America. It’s also why members and apprentices don’t pay for upgrading or regular formal classroom training courses.
  6. Job Search – In the union, you can forget about the lonely task of finding new work once a job’s done. Our Locals dispatch members to jobsites as they’re needed. When a job's finished, your dispatcher places you on the list and as soon as your turn comes up – often the very next day – it's off to a new job you go! You’re also free to choose how much (or even whether) you want to work.
  7. Great relationship with employers – Ironworkers in most regions haven’t seen a strike for decades (40 years in California!) We deal firmly with employers on our members’ behalf, but we’re also committed to find win-win solutions to the challenges we each face.

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