The majority of our members work in ‘field Locals’, focusing not only structural or reinforcing ironwork, but also practising a broad range of specialty skills in addition to their basic structural or reinforcing ironwork training.

On this site, by filling in JUST ONE FORM, you can apply to ANY OR ALL of the locals listed on this website. Please tell us you’re interested if you have skills (or seek an apprenticeship) in the following basic ironworker trades or sub-specialties:

Structural Erection
Reinforcing Ironwork (Rod)
Curtain Walls
Deep Foundations
Detention Facilities

Fence Erection
Machinery Moving
Metal Buildings
Metal Doors
Metal or Glass Handrails
Metal Panels
Metal Stairs
Miscellaneous Steel

Post Tensioning
Pre-Cast Concrete
Sheet Metal Siding
Solar Power
Wind Power

Selected Shop Locals on the West Coast want to hear from you if you have skills in the following:

Structural Steel/Metal Fabrication
Welding – structural steel
CNC Machinists
CNC Operators
CNC Burners
Machine Operation
Labourer/Trades helpers

There is solid-to-very high demand for our members in many local areas. In other areas, demand may be somewhat more modest, but we always need to replace retiring members. And many Locals will train you so you can travel elsewhere in the country to work where there is greater demand.

Members receive training and upgrading free of charge, and apprentices do not pay for any formal classroom training courses.

If you want to pursue a career in our trades, please tell us you're interested.

Great Pay!

On any jobsite, field Local Ironworkers will be among the best-paid trades. On any given private industry projects there’s no question that our members are paid much better than their non-union counterparts, in both basic wages and in benefits.

Total wage and benefit packages depend on the regions; they range from the mid-$30s/hour up to the mid $80s/hour and more. Higher total packages are usually paid in areas where living costs are higher.

Interested? Please tell us!

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